Mariah Golden Palmer is a freelance graphic/web designer & photographer based in Bozeman, Montana. A creative at heart she has discovered that learning WordPress and a base level knowledge of code has given her more flexibility to express her creativity. She loves working with independent artisans who are passionate about their creation & dedicated to following their dreams.

Her academic background includes a BA in Clothing, Textiles and Design from the University of Idaho. Her natural talent for design landed her a position with Vickerey.com an independent, artful, and ecologically focused company. At Vickerey, Mariah found a passion for graphic design and art direction while furthering her experience with photography and copy writing. Working in-house for 5 years gave her the perfect foundation to go out on her own. For the past 3 years she has been running her own show, building websites, photographing models and products and helping people with their overall visual presentation. With over 8 years experience in on-line sales and marketing she fully understands the fine balance of creative expression combined with the elegance and professionalism necessary to be noticed and respected in today’s market.