Client Love

” Working with Mariah couldn’t have been a better experience. She took one look at me and my work and seemed to know instantly the style, feel and mood that I wanted to portray with my brand and product. And I am absolutely enamored with the end result. It couldn’t be more perfect or beautiful. Not only is her style impeccable, but she works in a timely and professional manner. I never once had to wonder when my product was going to be delivered.”

– Katie Brown | Jewelry Designer

“OMG!  I love this.  I love you! This is so much nicer, more beautiful, and more in alignment with my look and feel than I expected.  Yay!”

– Ann Gibson | Health Coach

“Mariah was professional and pleasant to work with, and a good communicator. She quickly understood our initial concept and target market, and any changes and directions we gave were easily incorporated. We are so pleased with her work…it is truly perfect for our brand!”

-Claire Magruder and Monica Lowe of Queen Anne Clothing


“Thanks for all your beauty…artistically and just you, your essence.”

-Ann Raabe | Model and Artist

” I have had one of the most valuable opportunities to work alongside Mariah as a fellow designer, and there is no limit to the praise i could express on her behalf. The very first thing that captivated me was Mariah’s creative spirit. Her heart leaps at the opportunity to discover, explore, and dive into new worlds of artistic beauty. What I love about her is that she’s not only limited to the possibilities of one medium, she’s innovative in everything she does… from fashion to what she’s reading, to new layouts or typography, even in her garden, her home and her cooking! She’s such an inspiration as a pioneer in the art of discovery. Working with Mariah has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a young designer. It’s tough to run into a designer who’s naturally positive; many designers can be pretty critical. Mariah has absolutely changed the way I feel about working in a collaborative environment. Instead of focusing on the negative she has an amazing ability to support what’s working, and offer constructive criticism for pieces of the design that aren’t communicating effectively. Next to providing a critique that has always been beneficial, she’s also inviting and grateful for feedback on her own work. She’s always been able to work so graciously, that I wish I had a whole team of her working with me everyday! In addition to her unmatched & exciting passion for design and her strong work ethic, Mariah has produced some of the most beautiful work I’ve seen from my peers. Her aesthetic is so simplistic and beautiful, I have always looked to her as a guide for treating my negative space and achieving tranquility & balance in my designs. As we say in the south, if it’s made with love it’ll show, and I feel like Mariah’s love for creating shows through every project she’s produced.”

– Courtney Oliver | Graphic Designer


“You were a great listener because you responded really well to the direction I gave, the first time. You were organized, fast, efficient and creative.”

-Molly Sahebjami | Foodie and Communications Strategist